COVID-19 is a key aim of GenOMICC

Susceptibility to COVID-19 is almost certainly, in part, genetic. GenOMICC can find the genes that cause susceptibility, which may help us to prioritise treatments to respond to the global crisis. GenOMICC was designed for this crisis. Since 2016, the open, global GenOMICC collaboration has been recruit patients with emerging infections, including COVID-19. All patients with confirmed COVID-19 in critical care are eligible for GenOMICC; please recruit them as normal, following local infection control precautions.

In particular, we aim to recruit every intubated patient with COVID-19. If you need to prioritise, please start with the youngest.

GenOMICC is prioritised as an NIHR Urgent Public Health Study in the UK

Live recruitment

See the automatically-updated recruitment league table here.

Set up your site in the UK

Recruitment to GenOMICC is easy and urgent. We need to do this at very large scale in order to get fast answers that may alter the delivery of critical care medicine. Contact us at to initiate set up at your site, or for help from our extensive team to maintain and support recruitment.

Recruitment requires consent, a single blood DNA sample and a very short online CRF (see full recruitment procedures here). All recruits count as accruals through the NIHR system. GenOMICC is

For more information about UK site set up, please see our FAQs